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Paul Hareb was appointed Director at Imagine Accounting (previously Caunt and Lowbeer) in 2003. He has a hands-on approach in providing solutions to clients’ problems and helping them achieve their financial goals. We interviewed Paul as part of our Client Newsletter and discussed how he has assisted some of his clients during this unprecedented time.

What are your main responsibilities at Imagine Accounting?
My responsibilities are diverse. I assist Business Services clients with advice and compliance on their tax affairs and conduct audits of companies and self-managed superannuation funds.

In the past 17 years how have you seen Imagine Accounting (previously Caunt and Lowbeer) change?
The biggest change was the purchase of another accounting practice in 2015 and taking over the hire of all 5 of their employees. There was another purchase of a sole practitioner’s client list in 2016 which was brought under my area of responsibility. There have been a multitude of other changes over the years such as the retirement of one of the founders, John Lowbeer in 2011 and the ever-changing software products that we use in the practice.

What impact has COVID-19 had on your clients?
Some of my clients have seen a major decrease in their revenue in March and April and are expecting a major decrease for the next few months at least until the end of June 2020. Others have had to close part of their businesses. They have been forced to employ various cost-cutting strategies such as requiring employees to work reduced hours and negotiating rental decreases from their landlords. Clients are now thinking outside of the square to find other revenue sources.

How have you been able to assist some of your clients during this unprecedented time?
I have recently been occupied with assisting these clients with understanding their entitlements to the Australian Government’s COVID-19 Stimulus Package. But for the Stimulus Package many of these clients would have had to terminate a number of their employees or they would have had to close down their businesses.

How would you describe your working style?
Hands-on and maintaining a close working relationship with my clients and team members.

What are your interests outside of work?
I love spending time with my family and friends. Long-distance running is a favourite pastime and I am very lucky to have a group of friends who I share this with on a regular basis.

If you weren’t an accountant what you be?
I would have liked to have been a medical doctor as I like helping people and have always been very interested in and admired the medical profession.

Favourite Destination?
Hard to pick one as a favourite but a few are the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Victoria Falls in Zambia and Byron Bay.

Reach out to Paul:

Paul Hareb is a highly experienced accountant who has assisted many of our high net-wealth and small business clients. Please reach out to Paul if you are after an accountant in Chatswood on 02 9884 7100.

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