Need staff for your small business? A financial incentive from the Government can help

Need staff for your small business? A financial incentive from the Government can help

When starting out, many small business owners underestimate how difficult it can be to find good help! As well as the challenge of recruiting the right people, it can be a struggle at times to cover the cost of their wages.

However, many business owners also fail to realise that the Australian Government has programs in place which help find staff and also contribute to the cost of their wages.

The cost of hiring someone over the age of 50, under the age of 25 or an Indigenous job seeker can be subsidised by the government in certain situations. What’s more, you may be able to claim a wage subsidy of up to $10,000.

It is also possible to claim a wage subsidy of up to $6500 if you hire someone between the age of 25 and 29, a parent, or someone who has been unemployed for a while. Furthermore, there are subsidies available if your business hires someone with a disability.

Willing, capable workers come in all shapes, sizes and ages! Here’s how to access government financial support to grow your team.

Hire through jobactive

jobactive is the Australian Government’s recruitment service that can help you connect with job seekers. jobactive outlets are based in 1700 locations around the country and can provide a tailored recruitment service for free.

If you hire a jobseeker through jobactive and they stay with you for a specified period of time, you may be eligible to receive a wage subsidy of up to $10,000. These subsidies will come to you over a six-month period and it is possible to negotiate how often you receive payments.
There are some criteria to meet for businesses hiring through jobactive and claiming a subsidy. For example, the person you hire may have to have been out of work for a certain length of time. They may also have to work a specified number of hours each week.

To find out more, visit

Hire a young jobseeker

Youth Jobs PaTH allows you to trial someone aged 17 to 24 who has been seeking work for some time. Under this scheme, the young worker will work with your business for 4-12 weeks, for up to 25 hours a week. In return, your business receives $1000. The young job seeker will receive $200 per week on top of their usual income support while they take part in their trial.

Should the trial work out and your young team member is excited to continue working with you (and you with them), your business may be able to claim up to $10,000 of their wage expenses.

To qualify for this scheme, your business must be able to prove that you will have a role available for the young worker after the trial period. Speak to your local employment service provider to find out more.

Hire someone with a disability

Focus on ability and welcome a reliable, productive and loyal member to your team.

A Disability Employment services provider can share guidance on hiring someone with a disability and provide support while they settle in to their role.

When you hire someone who is differently abled, you may be able to qualify for a wage subsidy or have the costs of work-related modifications covered by the government.

Your local Disability Employment Services provider will point you in the right direction if you believe your organisation may be the right fit for someone with a disability.

Hire an apprentice

Apprentices start earning from day one as they build their skills in trades like plumbing, carpentry, professional cooking or air conditioning installation.

Australian Apprenticeships offer financial incentives to help businesses which take on an apprentice, particularly if the apprenticeship is in a trade experiencing a skills shortage. This includes child care, nursing, disability care and aged care.

Government subsidies can be anywhere from $750 to $3000, depending on your business and the apprentice you hire. To find out more, visit the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Australian Government employment incentives are a win/win. By making strategic hires and leveraging government incentives, you stand to save money on hiring and wages. You have the added satisfaction of knowing you have hired an enthusiastic and appreciative worker.

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