Soccer De Brazil are a new client of Imagine Accounting and are currently experiencing rapid growth. We interviewed their Director Sean Brohier to find out more about his exciting business.

What inspired you to start Soccer De Brazil?
We started Soccer de Brazil when we realised that Australia needed to greatly improve the way children were coached in soccer if it were to improve as a soccer nation. This features in our vision which is to improve Australia as a soccer nation through effective youth development.

What makes your business unique?
We ‘connect’ with the kids. Brazilians are known for their passion, flair, and creativity and we focus on increasing children’s love of the sport so that they are in the best state to receive high level coaching. Our uniqueness is also around the delivery of our curriculum. This is reflected in our mission which is, “We will strive to be the leader in developing children through soccer. We will inspire, entertain, and educate our players so that we develop world class players, and develop players for life.”

You have now opened in Western Australia, what is the key to expanding a business?
Making sure that the vision, mission, and values are clear and everyone buys in. Making sure you have the systems and people right, before you consider expanding. We have weekly catch up meetings with the manager that is working in Western Australia, and we empower him to make the decisions he needs to ‘make it happen’ (which is one of our values).

What are some of the challenges your business has faced?
Cashflow tends to be a major issue for our company. We are growing rapidly and the scaling phase eats up a lot of cash. We weren’t forecasting our cashflow and were just trusting that everything would be ok. We have now made some headway around cashflow forecasting and now need to create actions we can execute to get on top of it. One such action is to seek strategic partnerships with businesses (through sponsorship) who share our market, that we do not compete with.

How have Imagine Accounting assisted you?
Mark’s recommendation to use the cashflow forecasting tool ‘Skippr’ has definitely highlighted a system we can use to save headaches.

What is the best way for someone to register their child?
Visit our website or email We will then determine the most suitable program for your child and get started!

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