Client Spotlight – Mark Wilcockson General Manager of Concept Commercial Projects.

Concept Commercial Projects

Client Spotlight - Mark Wilcockson General Manager of Concept Commercial Projects.

Mark Wilcockson is the General Manager of Concept Commercial Projects. He has been with Imagine Accounting since 2015 and works closely with Nitasha Pal, Senior Client Manager. We interviewed Mark for our Client Newsletter and found out what makes his company unique and his tips to run an efficient company.

What does Concept Commercial Projects do?

Our core business is Commercial Interior Fit-out. We also provide services such as Project Managements, Specialist Medical Fit outs as well as Maintenance and Property Services

 Has COVID-19 impacted your company?

Yes and no. On the Workfront it’s been up and down. We initially saw a slow-down in projects being awarded and projects change as businesses adapted to the new challenges posed by COVID-19.

We have also seen clients take opportunities with reduced numbers in the workplace, to undertake key maintenance works, upgrade building facilities and restructure premises to suit smaller numbers.

Overall, it has been business as usual for us, albeit adjusting to the market as needs change and confidence in the future ahead varies.

What makes your company unique?

At Concept we have 3 key Uniques – as we call it:

1/ Turn-Key Solutions

We are a one point of call provider who can handle all your project needs from Concept to completion, reducing the moving parts of the project for a more streamlined experience.

2/ Specialized projects

Every project is different. There are no “standard” projects.

Each project requires its own due diligence to understand the requirements of the client and what it takes to deliver the project commensurate to needs.

The ability to deliver every project based on its merits, requirements and value to the client’s business is paramount and should be treated with the respect it deserves.

3/ Agility & Adaptability

Every project requires a high degree Agility and Adaptability to overcome the constraints and requirements of the client and their desires for their project.

Being adaptable means overcoming problems with innovative solutions and understanding the nuance to your vision then building it the right way.

Your company has been very successful. What do you attribute this to?

As always, it is a combination of things, our ability to deliver projects to a high standard, reliably and regularly has seen us maintain relationships with our valuable clients for many years.

We are very process driven and have set up the necessary systems to ensure we reach our goals quarter by quarter, year by year.

We have implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System – EOS, as our business management framework. EOS has helped us set and achieve our goals across all facets of the business. Its simple yet highly effective and I recommend it to anyone seeking a path forward in their business.

How has your company grown?

Our company has grown in experience, ability, and productivity.

From humble beginnings of one man and a ute full of tools, we now have the ability to deliver multiple projects of varying value over many sites whilst maintaining our standard of quality and service.

Tips to run an efficient company?

Have a plan

Set achievable Goals – and achieve them!

Implement good, simple but effective processes for the important things only

Dispense with the bulls@#t

How have Imagine Accounting assisted you?

I am a tradesman first and foremost, trying to run a business.

Accounts, tax, cashflow and bookkeeping are not why I went into business and are certainly not my forte.

Imagine accounting has helped me from the very beginning to take control of these key aspects of the business to ensure our financial position and help us plan for future financial success.

Imagine have always been there to guide me through ALL financial aspects of the business which I believe have assisted us to become a robust company that has been able to carry on through challenges like COVID-19 etc.

What are your long-term goals?

Ultimately my goal is to build a business that is successful, robust, allows me to enjoy my work, support my family and my live my life on my terms.

What is the best way to find out more about your services?

Our website is

You can email us at: and we can send you our company profile and capability statement.

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