CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – Fabio Funai – owner of Bespoke Catering.

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT - Fabio Funai - owner of Bespoke Catering.

Fabio Funai is the owner of Bespoke Catering. Nitasha Pal – Senior Client Manager has worked closely with Fabio over the past year. We spoke to Fabio to learn what inspired him to start his business.

What does Bespoke Catering do?

Bespoke Catering provides custom catering packages for intimate gatherings, cocktail parties, large functions and corporate organisations.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was born into the food industry.  I grew up in my parent’s trattoria in Italy amongst the energy of a busy kitchen where excellence of produce and customer service was the manta in the family.  I was seconded to Australia to the Westin Hotel where I refined my kitchen skills and was mentored by some of the finest hoteliers.  Creating my own business was always a dream of mine where I can create innovative menus, inspire my team to be the best they can be and always leave long lasting memories for my clients.

Describe your typical working day?

It starts early with a review with the team on what events we have on that day.  Freshness of produce is so important to us, so we receive deliveries early ready for prep.  If we have corporate clients wanting breakfast or morning tea deliveries, they are our first priority of the day.  Lunch deliveries vary from platters of fresh sandwiches, wraps or rolls to more substantial salads and hot dishes finishing with a sweet plate.  Any evening events are prepared concurrently so there is a vibrant but productive energy in the kitchen.  Kitchen work is normally completed about 4pm when the staff then disperse to the various functions and evening service commences.

How do you attract customers?

We are very fortunate to get a lot of referral work.  We often go from the private functions to a boardroom when a client is attending a weekend event and chooses to use our services at work.  We get a lot of traffic from our social media platforms and we also service a long list of loyal customers.

What advice would you give a small business owner?

  • Be very clear about your vision
  • Engage the best people with trusted credentials
  • Always revise your goals and stay focussed
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from accounting, marketing or technical experts and keep networking avenues open and populated
  • Celebrate your successes

How have the Imagine Accounting team helped you?

Guided us through the process of better managing the financial aspects of running a small business.  Providing information sessions to help us understand the intricacies of accounting.  Being proactive, flexible and available and they have also helped us setup for success.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years Bespoke Catering’s very streamlined business will have different divisions with a team leader responsible for each. Our divisions will include:

  • Management of corporate catering
  • Private functions
  • Weddings
  • Staff development
  • Events Planning & Coordinating
  • We will be in a larger premises with a number of functioning kitchens and sophisticated computer systems to track, analyse and provide automated ordering functionality.

What is the best way to contact Bespoke Catering?

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