Changing Accountants

Changing Accountants

Changing accountants, especially for business owners, feels like a big deal. The paperwork, the explaining… hassle is the word that comes to mind. Except that it’s not. Making the switch is a much smoother process than you probably think and we take care of most of it on your behalf.

Making the switch is easy

We’ll manage the switch and make sure all your information, records, documentation and notes are seamlessly transferred across to us. Switching accountants is actually a very simple and easy task. Here’s what we will organise:

  • Write to your previous accountant and advise that you are changing accountant. This is often referred to as an ‘ethical clearance letter’.
  • Request copies of all your financial records including prior tax returns, any financial statements and entity documentation
  • Organise for your ASIC and ATO records to be transferred electronically

Not sure if you should change accountants?

The decision to change accountants is never an easy one.  This is because you may have invested years into the relationship with your existing accountant. At Imagine Accounting we regularly welcome new clients. Some have never worked with an accountant before and don’t really understand the benefits of having a financial professional on their side. Others have come to the realisation that their accountant should have been offering more value, so they make the switch.

Our Difference

At Imagine Accounting our difference is our team – we are proactive, we are genuinely interested, we care about our clients, we go
above and beyond and we provide solutions. Every action we take is centered around our five values:
Family First – Love our Clients – Take Responsibility – Speak Up – Think Differently

Changing Accountants in Chatswood

Contact us – Switching to Imagine Accounting is simple and hassle free.  Have further questions?
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