6 Reasons to Review Your Accountant

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6 Reasons to Review Your Accountant

Changing accountants, especially for business owners, feels like a big deal. The paperwork, the explaining… hassle is the word that comes to mind. Except that it’s not. Making the switch is a much smoother process than you probably think and we take care of most of it on your behalf. Here are some reasons why you should consider making a change this year:

Stuck in a rut

Often when you fall into longer term business relationships with people, you find yourself in repetitive cycles where out of the box thinking no longer exists and that extra level of service just isn’t there any more because everyone’s too comfortable, and your accountant starts to take your business for granted. Just because it seems easier and less time consuming to stay with them, doesn’t mean it’s the right decision for your or your business long term.

We aren’t all the same

A common misconception when it comes to accountants is that we’re all the same. Everyone offers the same service and it’s very much put in a small box. That’s simply not the case. Some firms may be very much tax focussed, others may love to offer business advice. There are innovative firms and there are old school firms. Shop around and see what suits you the best.

Your accountant should add value to your business

Does yours? The old way of thinking is that an accountant simply takes care of the numbers and that’s about it. Nowadays, we offer a much more comprehensive service. Things like tax strategies, business structure advice and implementing processes all add significant value to your business.

Are you up for a challenge?

Your accountant should be challenging you, keeping your accountable and opening discussions about your future plans. They should be asking you the tough questions, and be your sounding board for any goals or ideas you might have. You want someone who won’t let you become complacent or lose your focus. Can you rely on your firm for that nudge we all need from time to time?

It’s time for a service upgrade

How’s your relationship with your accountant? Do you feel comfortable to call them for advice whenever you like? Do you trust them to listen to you properly and then offer sound advice when needed? Personalised service is everything now and if you aren’t getting it from your accountant, then you should be. Ask yourself questions like: when was the last time you met face-to-face? How quickly do they respond to phone calls and emails?

The business landscape has changed, but has your accountant?

With innovated firms starting to pop up left, right and centre, there is no reason to be sticking with an dated service that’s time consuming and far less convenient. The term innovation and words like technology and automated can sound intimidating to some, but all it really means is that the accountant has stepped into 2017, using new tools to make your life easier.


Now that you’ve got some accounting food for thought, consider yours. Do you have any more questions about the process of changing firms? We’d be happy to answer them for you. Feel free to get in touch with us HERE and Check our Business Packages and Accounting for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Growing and Establishing Businesses.

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