Financial Foundations Evaluation (FFE)

We will conduct a detailed review / deep dive 
plus you’ll receive a report and find out if you’re paying too much tax and if you have the right structure in place

Think You’re Paying Too Much Tax?

If you’re a small business owner chances are you’re paying too much tax and your business may not be correctly structured. Too many business owners lose thousands of dollars each year and carry unnecessary personal risk because of poor business structures.

Our FFE is a second opinion to check if you are paying too much tax and whether you have the right structure in place. Our standard fee for a FFE is $1k+GST

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Everything could change with a Financial Foundations Evaluation

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Discover Whether You Are Paying Too Much Tax (and if so, Why)

Discover our top 10 tax minimisation strategies – many of which are not often utilised by small business owners
Opportunities to reverse any overpaid tax
Any tax, compliance or other issues that you may not be aware of

Get Your Personal & Business Structure Right

Your current business and family group structure
Asset protection and potential liability issues
How you’re taking money out of your business/ structure
High level review of Trust Deeds and Constitutions
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How Are You Tracking?

Your current business performance and financial position – how do you rate?
Your goals – how are you tracking financially against where you want to be
All this will be provided in an easy-to-read report .
We’ll also show you how easy it is to change accountants ?

We guarantee you’ll be happy you spoke to us!

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A second opinion to check you aren’t paying too much tax and you have the right structure in place. Cost is $1K +GST

Who is this suitable for?

Any small business owner that thinks they are paying too much tax
Any small business owner who wants another opinion
Businesses that are open to changing accountants – we love building long term trusted relationships with our clients – to help you achieve your goals and dreams long term
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Not only have we saved small business owners $$$ in tax savings we have also given them back more time and helped them to achieve their goals.

Jason Haigh
Managing Director
ThankQ Solutions

“Imagine Accounting do an excellent job with my year-end compliance, including my financials and tax returns for my business and personal affairs. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his team.”

Audrey Wynn
Managing Director
Alseasons Hospitality Staff

“Imagine Accounting is across many facets in accounting. They look at the big issues, they work with you and speak in layman’s language which is very important when you’re in the business world. They listen to your needs and requirements and they always seem to have the answers.”

Michael de Manincor
Founding Director
The Yoga Institute

“Imagine Accounting have helped us to achieve stability and growth over many years. Fifteen years with the same accountant is a long time and we are really happy to continue with them. They provide a very professional service to help small business grow”

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Mark Williams
Managing Director

Talk to Mark Williams, our Managing Director and Small Business Accounting Specialist to discover how much we can find you in tax savings.